Boost Male Fertility With Health and Nutrition

Infertility (whether it is in male or female) is quite a critical issue and the cases related to infertility are continuously increasing. The fact may be the changing lifestyle and bad health conditions. This issue affects one in every six couples and in around one in three cases is due to male infertility.

People dealing with infertility need to undergo PCOD/PCOS treatment as it is the best treatment to cure the problem. Infertility can sometimes be improved with the changing of lifestyle strategies, healthy eating, and supplements. There are certain lifestyle factors such as food, environment, supplements, nutrients that are associated with improving the infertility condition in men.

Tips To Boost Male Fertility With Health And Nutrition

The fertility problem in males is not always treatable through medical treatment; it can be improved with the intake of a healthy diet and nutrition. Male infertility is a serious issue that hurdles the people's ability to reproduce by natural means.

There are various causes of infertility and mostly depends on general health, fitness disease, dietary contaminants, and genetics. It is good to follow a proper diet and nutrition and also good to consult a reputable fertility Clinic in Bangalore. It is good to follow these essential health and nutrition tips to boost fertility in men.

  • Take D-aspartic acid supplements:

This acid supplement is a type of aspartic acid that is being sold as a dietary supplement. D-AA presents mainly in certain male glands and it is given to improve its levels to treat infertility. The study suggests that taking around 2.5 grams of this supplement continuously for three months increase the testosterone levels in men.

  • Regular exercise:

Being regular for physical and mental exercise is equally important. It helps in improving the confidence and physical performance that helps in improving the testosterone levels in males. A comfortable physical exercise is good rather than too much of it as it may reverse the condition.

  • Get enough vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress. High level of oxidative stress can cause inflammation and tissue injury and also increases the risk of chronic disease.

  • Relax and minimize stress:

Stress can cause many serious health issues and infertility is one of them. Prolonged stress increases the cortisol level that causes a negative effect on testosterone. Try to meditate to reduce the mental stress for better results.

  • Get enough Vitamin D:

Low levels of Vitamin D can cause infertility. The deficiency of Vitamin D may lower the testosterone levels in men. It is recommended to take 3000IU of Vitamin D3 every day for one year to improve the testosterone levels.


Though it certainly depends on the individual's condition, there are multiple ways to improve fertility without going for PCOD/ PCOS treatment.

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